tomorrow i am writing an exam in complex sentence analysis.i have some troubles..We'll get a complex sentence but very large one(last time we got sentences which were 4 lines long)and then we have to write what is the subject what is the verb, adverb or object.i understand this really but i get confused when i get such a long complicated sentence which i sometimes do not understand at all..Can someone give me a very good web page with these long complex sentences or if someone who knows what i am talking about could help me.
Thank you

Will do both... give you a site and explain how I teach my students to work with complex sentences.
This is a good site!
(Broken Link Removed)

OK, when I work with students, the first question I ask is "WHAT is the main idea?"
Then I tell them 1) it makes sense all by itself. 2) it does not tell "when, where, how, why, what kind of"

Then I tell them to write that down all by itself and carefully check to see that it has a subject and a verb and makes sense alone.
Then I ask them to find words,or groups of words that describe the subject and to write them down under the subject.(These will answer the question "what kind of"
Then the students are asked to write the words or groups of words that describe the verb and write them below the verb. (These will answer the questions "when, where, why, how")

When they have finished they have a "picture" of the sentence.

I hope this helps

Very often, complex sentences consist of simpler sentences connected by conjunctions. Breaking the whole sentence down to its parts might help you to identify the parts of speech.

These sites might also be helpful:


I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

In addition to the excellent suggestions you've received, I find it useful to put parentheses around all prepositional phrases. Since subjects and verbs are never in these phrases, you've eliminated many of the words in the sentence.

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