Would iron be considered a substance or a mixture? How about blood?

Iron is:
substance is a very general term:
See definition 3:

Now blood is living tissue and as such very complex. In ways it is a mixture of various components such as red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma.
But not in the chemistry sense of the word.
I guess you could say blood is a very complex mixture of organic compounds.

I'm sorry, i'm still a little confused. My friend is saying that Iron is a substance, is that true? Then, she said that blood is a mixture. Is that true too?

Substance is a very general term. Every piece of matter in the universe is a substance. On blood, tell your friend to define mixture. did you read the links I left you? Try reading and make your own judgement:

I think i got it. Iron is a substance and blood seems to fit the definition of a mixture.

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