Dinosaur help. URGENT

I need some help finding the habits of the Elaphrosaus. So far all I can find is the height and weight and stuff like that. Thanks.

I find no dinosaur with that type name.

Please recheck.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are all the dinosaurs beginning with E:

Echinodon Owen, 1861
Edmarka Bakker, Kralis, Siegwarth, and Filla, 1992
Edmontonia C. M. Sternberg, 1928
Edmontosaurus Lambe, 1917
Efraasia Galton, 1973
Einiosaurus Sampson, 1995
Elaphrosaurus Janensch, 1920
Elmisaurus Osmólska, 1981
Elopteryx Andrews, 1913
Elosaurus Peterson and Gilmore, 1902
Elvisaurus Holmes, 1993 [nomen nudum]
Emausaurus Haubold, 1991
Embasaurus Riabinin, 1931
Enigmosaurus Barsbold and Perle, 1983
Eobrontosaurus Bakker, 1998
Eoceratops Lambe, 1915
�gEohadrosaurus�h Kirkland, 1997 [nomen nudum]
Eolambia Kirkland, 1998
Eoraptor Sereno, Forster, Rogers, and Monetta, 1993
Eotyrannus Naish, et al., 2001
Epachthosaurus J. Powell, 1990
Epanterias Cope, 1878
Erectopus von Huene, 1922
Erlikosaurus Perle vide Barsbold and Perle, 1980
Eshanosaurus Xu, Zhao, and Clark, 2001
Eubrontes an ichnogenus
Euacanthus Owen vide Tennyson, 1897 [nomen nudum]
Eucamerotus Hulke, 1872 [nomen dubium]
Eucentrosaurus Chure and McIntosh, 1989
Eucercosaurus Seeley, 1879
Eucnemesaurus van Hoepen, 1920
Eucoelophysis Sullivan and Lucas, 1999
Euhelopus Romer, 1956
Euoplocephalus Lambe, 1910
Eureodon Brown vide Olshevsky, 1991 [nomen nudum]
Euronychodon Telles-Antunes and Sigogneau-Russell, 1991
Euskelosaurus Huxley, 1866
Eustreptospondylus Walker, 1964

Now, when you find the correct spelling, we will be able to help you.

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asked by Amanda

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