Automobiles and small trucks make up 84% of the travel to and from work in the US. What fraction represents all other means of travel to and from work in the US?

How would I set this up, I am guessing the answer is 16% but I have no clue how to get the answer if it is right.

Good work, except it says fraction, not percent. So you have to change 16% into a decimal first.- 0.16
Next, you would put 16 over 100 as a fraction, but you need to put it in simplest form. 100 divided by 4 = 25, so 25 will be the denominator. 16 divided by 4 = 4 so 4 is the numerator.
The fraction that represents all other meanas of travel to and from work in the U.S.

Sorry, I accidently hit TAB and my answer posted before I was done with it. Let me try again:
The fraction that represents all other means(excuse the "a" in the last post) of travel to and from work in the U.S. is:
- = the answer.

~brie~(Yeah, I'm not so anonymous now. But whatever.)

The other means represent 16 percent, or 16/100 which reduces to 4/25

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  1. 2287/42:66393;55381290401

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