whats my height in meters?

my height is 5'3"

63 inches x 2.54 cm/inch = 160.0 cm
= 1.600 meters

You learn to do these by dimensional analysis.
We know there are 39.37 inches in 1 meter. First, convert your height to inches so we are dealing with one item instead of feet AND inches.
We know there are 12 inches in 1 foot so the factor is either 12 in/1 ft OR 1 ft/12 in. We use the number we have (that is 5 feet) and multiply by the one of the factors. Which one? The one which cancels the unit we don't want and keeps the unit we want. Like so,
5 feet x (12 in/1 ft) = 60 inches.
Notice that the feet in the numerator cancels with ft in the denominator. That leaves in (inches) as the unit and that is what we wanted. Now we add the 3 inches to it to make 60 + 3 = 63 inches.
Now, knowing you have 39.37 inches/meter, convert inches to meters. Someone will check your work if you want to post it.

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