I did a report on dyslexia. I need one metaphor and one simile here's my introduction and thesis
I. Introduction
Do any of you have a learning disability about you? A disability that makes it extremely difficult for you to do things like read, write, or even spell in your native language. (simile) This is the most common learning disability. It is called dyslexia.

II. Thesis
People with dyslexia aren’t slow learners, they just learn differently.

what i put in parenthesis is what i think could be a simile, but i also need help making a metaphor

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  1. A disability that makes it extremely difficult for you to do things like read, write, or even spell in your native language.

    The above is not a sentence. If you begin the above with - Dyslexia makes it........ then you will have a sentence with a simile.

    Perhaps metaphors might be a telephone that doesn't work or smoke signals blown away in the wind, or TV signals with no receivers.

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  2. Semptember

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  3. dad says we chatter like monkeys

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