he is missing 3 cents to buy an ice cream bar. she is missing 5 cents to buy the same ice cream bar. they combine their money but they are still 1 cent short. how much is the ice cream bar?

Let x denote how much he has and y denote how much she has. Let p be the price of the ice cream bar. Now convert the statements to equations we can solve. We have
(1) x+3=p
(2) y+5=p
(3) x+y+1=p
Subtract (1) from (3) to get
y-2=0 or y=2
You should be able to finish it from here.

i checked my answer but i think ive done something wrong can u plz explain again sorry for bothering

Re-read my first post in this thread. After y is known, look at (2) and sovle for p, then solve for x in (1). Basically, we work backwards to find what the variables are. Be sure to show your work, so we can see where you may've gone wrong. And no, it's not 'bothering' to ask questions, but it helps if we can see your reasoning. If there are problems understanding my steps I'll gladly explain them in further detail.

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