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Identify all the relative clauses in the following sentences. Which ones are restrictive and which are non-restrictive? How do you know?

a. My sister Mary [who lives in Florida] is coming to visit us. = non-restrictive
b. The girl [who had the most points] won the contest. = nonrestrictive
c. Vancouver, [which is in British Columbia,] is a lovely city. = restrictive
d. The child [whose mother was later] was getting nervous. = nonrestrictive
e. The books [that are on the shelf] are for you. = restrictive

I have put the relative clauses in square brackets. However, I'm not sure I am correct in relation to which are restrictive and non-restrictive. Am I right?

asked by Nora
  1. Restrictive = no need for commas; it's information that is needed in the sentence.

    Non-restrictive = need for commas; it's information that is extra in the sentence.

    If you have two sisters who live in Florida, then it's restrictive. If there's only one, then it's non-restrictive.

    The clause is identified properly, but ...

    Re-think b-e, and let us know what you think.

    posted by Writeacher

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