i've posted this before, but i really don't get how to do it because we never learned this, so if someone would tell me how or just do the first one or something, i would appreciate it. thanks.

Determine the units of the quantity described by the following combinations of units:
a. kg (m/s)(1/s)
b. (kg/s) (m/s^2)
c. (kg/s)(m/s)^2
d. (kg/s)(m/s)

Just multiply out the dimensions as if you were multiplying fractions and coefficients

a. kg (m/s)(1/s) = kg m/s^2
This is the same as mass x acceleration (force), and has the special name of Newtons.

The same applies to part (d)

c. (kg/s)(m/s)^2 = [kg (m/s)^2]/s = Joules/s

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