8th grade Algebra

I'm trying to help my young friend -- and am totally lost. He has a math crossword puzzle and here are three words we cannot find.

11. The number of solutions of a system in which the lines are parallel 11 letters, probably beginning with N

14. A line used when the points on the boundary line are not solutions of the inequality
10 letters, with the third letter being S

7. The number of solutions in a system in which the lines are coincident
23 letters, with the last letter being S

This is not a good crossword puzzle, as each word only intersects once with another word.


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Ms. Sue
  1. 11. "no solutions" , if you count the space = 11

    14. "dashed line" , but that is 11 if we count the space.

    7.the number of solutions would be infinite. I don't see how you would make up a combination of words of 23 letters.

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  2. solve 7x + 12x - 9 - 4x -3

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  3. how u get -b?

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