What is useful when exact data is not required????

An estimated value? A ball park number? An approximation? An order of magnitude?

No, it's a 10 letter word. None of those fit.

Do you know what letter it begins with or any of the letters between the beginning and the end?

The seventh letter is a "t".


The answer is Estimation. Thanks DrBob222 you turned on my mind when I read approximation. Thanks again.
Jacob Martin

useful when exact data are not required

don't know

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  1. useful when exact data are not required

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  2. useful when exact data are not required

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  3. displays information in rows and columns

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  4. what is the word that means this???

    use displays information in rows and ends with an e but i don't know it

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  5. Sup peeps

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  6. it’s estimation!!

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