Define variables and write a system of equations for this situation. Solve using substitution.

Suppose you want to join a video store. Big Video offers a special discount card that costs $9.99 for one year. With the discount card, each video rental costs $2.49. A discount card from Main Street Video costs $20.49 for one year. With the Main Street Video discount card, each video rental costs $1.79. After how many video rentals is the cost the same?

asked by Angie
  1. Cost of x videos from Big Video:
    9.99 + 2.49x

    Cost of x videos from Main Street Video:
    20.49 + 1.79x

    Set the two equations equal to each other to find when the cost will be the same:
    9.99 + 2.49x = 20.49 + 1.79x
    10.5 = .7x
    x = 15 videos

    posted by carpediem
  2. i see..

    posted by Angie
  3. FNFFN

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