I need clarification on this. Subject is CJ.

Who understands this? Can someone explain this further for me please?

Library Assignment: One of the most important aspects to law enforcement is the anticipation of the resources required to perform police functions effectively. Manpower needs must be weighed, facilities and equipment purchased, and deployment and scheduling adjusted based upon the needs presented by the nature and scope of criminal activity on a local or national level. One of the best tools to assist in this regard is the compilation of data reflecting trends of criminal activity.

Select a city, town, or municipality and examine trends in criminal activity over the last three years. You may use your own hometown as the subject of this research. If you are an international student, please select a city in the United States for their research. Analyze reported crime statistics for major/minor offense categories such as murder, robbery, , etc. and create a table of the results. Graph the results showing trends for the various offenses. Identify neighborhoods within your chosen location that go against the trend. For example, murder may be down across the city but may have risen in a particular neighborhood.

Finally, draft a recommendation on how resources may be shifted to address the identified concerns.

This looks like data analysis of crime statistics. You should be able to find stats on government web sites. Sometimes local police departments will publish statistics. I think a google search using crime statistics should give you plenty of sites with data to research.
For the analysis it looks like a histogram or line chart should be sufficient. Three years of quarterly data should be sufficient to see a trend, i.e. if certain offnese types are on the rise or decline. If you see a trend then you would make recommendations based on that.

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  1. What are the overall patterns of crime that you see in the selected town or city? What are the surprises and usual results in the data that you analyzed?

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