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I need help with Spanish homework. This is on tenses: "I have to" or "I must (Future imperative, I think)," "I will" (Future), I am (present), and "I have" (past). Please tell me if my grammar is correct in the following sentences. Thanks!

Tengo que tomar una descarga. Tomaré una descarga. Estoy tomando una descarga. He tomado una descarga.

asked by Chris
  1. yes

    posted by ferrer
  2. Present Indicative = (I have to...) = Tengo que + infinitive

    Future = (I will have to...) = Tendré que + infinitive

    (Past Tense/Preterit) = (I had to...) = Tuve que + infinitive

    (Past Tense/Imperfect) = (I had to...was having to...) = Tenía que + infinitive

    (Present Perfect) = (I have had to...) = He tenido que + infinitive

    For variety, when you are tired of "tener + que + infinitive" you may use "deber + infinitive"

    As long as you know which tense you used in your examples, they are all good.


    posted by SraJMcGin

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