AP physics C suggestions..........thanx!

I have signed up for both AP Physics C Mech exam and E&M exam. Now I found that I don't have enough time to study for both exams (2 days left), should I give up E&M and focus on Mech? I felt that E&M is not harder than Mech, but need to remember many equations, which I can't...I felt I learned better in E&M before, but I had learned deeper in Mech (I think) since my teacher took longer time to teach Mech portion...And from statistics release by College Board, less ppl took E&M than Mech in the previous year but more ppl got 4 or 5....

So...should I give up E&M and only study for Mech in the last 2 days in order to get a 4 or 5 on Mech, or should I try both since it's possible that I may do better on E&M??

Thanks for your suggestions.....................

I don't know what equations you are memorizing. There are a few principles to well know....coulombs force, concept of e field, concept of energy in a field, faradays ' law, right hand rules, Gauss' law, wave equations. If you are memorizing equations, you don't understand E&M. Go through the chap summeries on any E&M, if you understand it, take the test. If not, dont.


Right,there are so many rules I need to go over on E&M, actually I don't really really understand some of them since my teacher go through these chapter so fast!
If I use the time of going over E&M to study Mech, will I do better on AP exam Mech?

One final thought: Why are you taking the exam? If it is to skip college physics, I don't recommend that at all. College physics is much more than what AP is. The labs alone in college are weighty material. I assume you are thinking of majoring in engineering or science. You want a first class education, not something based on "test achievement".

If you don't know E&M by now, don't take the exam. Cramming for E&M is not likely to help you on mechanics.

I was thinking of majoring in engineering and actually applied for engineering,but now I really want to change my major after a year's AP physics. It's REALLY HARD. Even though I can get low A or high B in my AP class, but it took me too much time to study for only his subject, I mean, I don't think I will be able to do well in most of my science classes in college, and probably fail...:[
That's why I want to get a high AP score in case I change my mind so I can skip the science class requirment.

Actually you don't need to remember more than a few equations for electromagnetism! Why not come online tomorrow around 7 pm Eastern time and post what kind of problems you need to be able to solve for the exam and what you know and what you don't know well.

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