Computer Development

How has the history of computers changed over the years?

The history of computers has changed over by the years by the growth of technology and te different computers that grow to be invented to work better and faster.

Ways to answer the question would be to look at:

--Speed of computers
--The growth of the internet
--How Operating Systems have changed
--How software has changed
--How computers went from huge things that large businesses used to something most people in America own in their home and can even carry with them on a plane (laptops)

Just a few suggestions. Maybe you can think of more.


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  1. Just think, if you look at one of the first computers, they took up a lot of space, now look at our computers and smartphones, they can fit in our pocket now. I hope this helped you ;) please leave feedback on this website MsSue1.Sarahah. com

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  2. economic/social study

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