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In a goodness-of-fit test, the null hypothesis states that the data came from a normally distributed population. The researcher estimated the population mean and population standard deviation from a sample of 500 observations. In addition, the researcher used 6 standardized intervals to test for normality. Using a 5% level of significance, the critical value for this test is:

A) 11.1433
B) 9.3484
C) 7.8147
D) 9.4877

I picked A 11.1433

asked by Stuart
  1. Degrees of freedom for a goodness-of-fit test is k-1 (k = number of categories).
    I'm not sure which is the correct response since I don't see the number of categories stated in the problem.

    posted by MathGuru
  2. The following data represent the​ high-temperature distribution for a summer month in a city for some of the last 130 years. Treat the data as a population

    posted by Anonymous

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