Is there anyone kind enough to provide any suggestions? I see that others have been responded to at least once and not this one. What is the problem? And if its a matter of not putting a particular subject, than perhaps it should also be addressed to others who do not do it either. You do not have to be specialized in any area to respond to this question either. I do not think that asking for what you would do in a situation like this one is too much. Besides, I am not one who posts questions I am being asked in college in attempt to get an answer to them like many who do on this forum. All I am asking is for any suggestions.

Thank you.

Refer to "Any suggestions [No subject]" below.

I'm sorry no one responded earlier, but I didn't understand your first paragraph. If the team project is due Saturday, your reference to "approach my first appearance" is confusing.
Are you supposed to plan how you would lead a group which would work on this topic? Are the members of the group strangers to you and each other?

Please clarify how you would like us to help you.

Your original post:

I have a team project due on Saturday. I need to know what how to approach my first appearance. For example, indicate times I am avaliable and mode of communication (not a short bio because I have done that already). What else should I inform the group of me or the project distribution? And in what order should I approach the group? The project is the following:
Individual Portion:

Discuss the roles of government, business, and the consumer in environmental protection. Justify your position. To participate fully in this discussion, you can locate information using the Library’s web links and article search engines. Here, you will find links about environmental protection.

As a group, select a business you are familiar with and develop an environmental policy statement for that organization. The policy statement must have the following components:

Basic policy statement
Justification for the policy
Those to whom the policy applies
How the policy is to be implemented
Who is responsible for implementing the policy
How the policy will be evaluated
Guidelines of the policy
For an example of an environmental policy statement, view this link: h t t p : / / w r i t i n g . c o l o s t a t e . e d u / g u i d e s / d o c u m e n t s / p o l i c y / i n d e x . c f m.

Similar to entering any class for the first time, (other than a bio) what should be informed to the group members? Two examples I had included was mode of communication and time I am avaliable to work on the porject. What other examples or suggestions do you have to offer on this? Perhaps I can take the leadership role, so a proposed plan to lead the group which would work on this project may be considered. Members of the group are not necessarily stragers because a bio of each student was read at the very begining of the class, but some of the members are new in working with each other (3 out of 5). I hope this clarifies any confusion. Thanks for trying to help me. :o)

Ok Robert. So for this class you're assigned group projects that involve research. Is this for some type of communications class? I don't recommend the leadership position unless you have some experience with this. If you want to gain experience, then be prepared to pick up any slack other members might leave.
For the first meeting you should introduce yourselves, tell how/when you can be reached. Discuss any expertise or knowledge each has. You will also need to decide how to segment the project and assign parts to each member. Be sure the duties are clearly outlined so two people don't end up covering the same material. That can happen easily if you don't. Deadlines need to be discussed and it should be clearly understood what should be accomplished and when. If someone doesn't pull their load, then you need to know what actions can be taken. Be sure to check whatever guidelines the instructor has laid down. Usually for small groups there is a moderator or someone who represents the group in class, not a leader. Once assignments are made, set your own schedules and deadlines. Submit your work here if you want some pre-group feedback on it. Hopefully this helps.

Thank you for your help.


If you were chairing this committee, you might also agree on individual responsibilities, like specific questions to research. You could also decide as a group times and places to meet and a deadline for all work to be completed. I suggest you set this deadline for several days before you have to present your final report.

One last question to both of you. What are your thoughts of family issues arising and interfering with the group project? How can this situation be handled? I understand that this issue will be addressed to the course instructor, but how would this issue be discussed prior to begining the project. Should there be no excuse in puting their fair shair into the project whatsoever?

The simplest advice I can give is don't commit yoursef to anything in a class that you don't have a reasonably good chance of accomplishing. Yes, unforseen circumstances arise. An accident might happen, but just the same, don't commit youself if you know you already have a full load and little free time to meet the goal. (I used 'you', but this applies to all in the group.) As far as family issues, I'm not sure what you're referring to. If someone can't commit the time why are they taking the class? At the beginning of the project try to get a firm commitment on how much time each person thinks they can devote to the project each week. For a class that meets say 3hr/wk it should be at least 5-6hrs of outside time. If someone can't meet their commitment there should be a minimum amount of time they should let someone in the group know about it. I think one week's notice is reasonable. That way the group can divide the unfinished assignment and finish it.
BTW, the reason I don't recommend the leadership position is because they rarely receive anything for it. You'll gain experience, but others will likely not receive any lesser grade. So it's up to you if you want the extra work.

Thank you Roger for all your help.

Take care

I will take that into consideration. Thank you.

Robert, I see Ms. Sue has re-posted your original post. I concur with her observations on the first paragraph: it needs clarification. You need to be aware that we can't write the same way we speak. Readers don't have the advantage of instantaneous feedback that conversational listeners have.

It seems to me you shouldn't have any real difficulty with the discussion topic. It reads: Discuss the roles of government, business, and the consumer in environmental protection.
If we look at the government aspect, Congress passes the laws. It's up to the President to see that they're enforced. This is accomplised by appointments and holding appointees responsible for maintaining standards.
Businesses are typically the culprits that the laws apply to. Typically, businesses that produce toxic wastes as by-products of their industrial practices try to circumvent the laws by dumping such wastes in illegal ways. As a result they pollute our ground water, soil and air. Sometimes the results can linger for decades.
As for the consumer's role, they usually try to form boycotts againsts environmental law violators. They sometimes bring class-action law suits too. They can also bring pressure on government agencies to do something to the companies; this action is usually in the form of fines by the EPA.
Hopefully this suggests areas/ideas you might want to research. I'll critique your work, but don't ask us to do the assignment. Saturday will be here before you know it, so start hustling. :)

Thank you for your help. My intentions are not to get answers on the questions that I had posted. I needed suggestions on what you would do in a situation where you have this kind of project (reason why I posted the project) in terms of distributing parts evenly to members of the group or other means. Help is not to be confused with cheating. It is an academic dishonesty. Thank you for the encouragement. Later.

I'm not sure what your question was. I typically only check this board a couple times a day; usually morning. late afternoon, and late evening, so I miss a lot of questions. Also, I only field questions that I'm very familiar with, for the most part, that means math questions. I have no desire to sound like an expert in areas I have little or no knowledge of. That seems pointless to me. Occasionally I answer questions is other areas, but it's rare. I'm also not allowed to post links, so I seldom do any searches. I usually end up telling people to try googling themselves. I'll look at your question again, but I don't promise to answer it. Does that help to understand my apporach here?

I understand. I thank you for responding to my post.

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