Highlight the words that you would use for note taking in the following excerpt. Since I can’t highlight I will go like so- CAPITAL LETTERS -

With the exception of the housefly, the -MOSQUITO- is perhaps the most widely -DISSEMINATED- of our domesticated -INSECTS-. He is to be
-FOUND- almost anywhere on -VERANDAS-, on upper and lower -BALCONIES-,on front and back -STEPS-; but he is seen at his -BEST- when tucked away -BEHIND- the little white -BED CURTAINS- that are specially provided for him.
It is here that he can most successfully be brought to a hand-to-hand -CONFLICT-, which is his -DELIGHT-.
A -MOSQUITO-, as seen under a -MICROSCOPE- , is, to the-NATURALIST - , an object of equal delight. His
-FOUR- pairs of -EYES- with double
-REFRACTING LENSES- from which the light glitters in all directions are equaled only by the great seep of his-GOSSAMER WINGS- and the beautiful articulation of his -SIXTEEN LEGS-


It looks like you've capitalized the key words. The real test, though, is if you can come back in a couple of days and know what your notes mean.

As you continue practicing taking notes, you'll learn what works for you. For me, I'd leave out a couple of words -- and maybe add a couple more.

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