I have problems listening what can I do to improve it before I go back to school?

Here are some websites with good ideas:
10 excellent ideas here

Another very powerful tool to use when you are in class is to take notes, whether the teacher requires it or not, and to take them via the Cornell Note-taking principles on standard notebook paper, whether in a spiral notebook or on loose-leaf lined paper:

1. Put the date, class, and topic at the top of the page.
2. Draw a line vertically on the page so you have a column of 2" or so on the left side and another column of 6" or so on the right.
3. In the right-side column (6" or so wide), write down the main ideas as the teacher speaks or as you read an assignment in a text or whatever.
4. Across the bottom of the page (no columns), write your summary of the teacher's lesson or the reading assignment.
4. After class (later in the day, that night at home, or ???), read over your notes and make notations in the left column about your reactions. You may have questions you need to follow up on, or something in the notes may strike you as extra important.

Once you get the hang of taking notes in this manner ... and you develop a way to keep all your notes well organized ... you will see that you have created a very efficient way to study for exams, to find information to write papers on, etc.

Here are some websites that will help you with this type of note-taking:
You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to open and read this file.



I put ~~> 4. After class ...

Should be ~~> 5. After class ...


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