please check these for me:

What is the wavelength of microwaves of 3.0*10^9 Hz frequency?
a. 0.050m
b. 0.060m
c. 0.10 m
d. 0.20 m


If a light ray strikes a flat mirror at an angle of 30deg from the normal, the ray will be reflected at an angle of
a. 30deg from the mirror's surface
b. 60deg from the mirror's surface
c. 60deg from the normal
d. 90deg from the normal


Which of the following is NOT a primary subtractive color?
a. yellow
b. cyan
c. magenta
d. blue


When a light ray moves from air into glass, which has a higher index of refraction, its path is
a. bent toward the normal
b. bent away from the normal
c. parallel to the normal
d. not bent


how many focal points and focal lengths do converging and diverging lenses have?
a. two, one
b. one, two
c. one, one
d. two, two


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  1. All are correct. Congratulations! You are doing much better

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  2. a thimble is 32.0cm from a concave mirror. the focal point of the mirror I'd 11.0cm. where is the image located?

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