hi, i have an assignment of math to be done in microsoft equation editor, but i don't know how to use this program, do u know how or a site that can teach me, because i have looked in many sites but it doesnt really show me much. i would appresiate any help on this. thank you

Equation editor is part of MS Word.
First launch Word.
Open your document or select new document.
On the standard toolbar select Insert.
A menu should drop down, select Object...
A dialogue box should appear with the Create New tab selected
Scroll down to Microsoft Equation
Highlight that entry by clicking on it, then click Ok
When you do this a box will appear on the document and a toolbar titled Equation should appear too. Each time you do the steps above a separate equation object will be placed on the document.
There are a whole bunch of selections on that toolbar and you'll probably need to experiment. When you click on each entry on the toolbar a menu should drop down with selections you can use. There are entries for special symbols, fractions, Greek letters, and a whole lot of symbols you probably haven't seen yet. You can still use the keyboard to enter letters and numbers. After you've entered whatever equation you want you can click outside the box and the equation object will be placed on the document.
When you're using the equation editor you can click on the Help button and it will bring up topics to select concerning the eq editor. I'm unaware of any sites on the internet, but I think if you can find a reference manual for Word you should be able to learn how to use the editor fairly easily. I basically learned how to use the eq. editor by trial and error and just with the online help in Word. If you're determined enough I don't think you'll find it too difficult to learn.
I think there is a complete program you can buy as well, but I've found the editor sufficient for my work.
BTW, were you able to solve the amortizaton problem you asked about? I hope we gave the right formula and you were able to solve it.

For the amortization, I had to call a friend the has a realtor and she helped me with the problem. I really couldn't figure it out.

I really wondered about that formula. I don't recall seeing anything like it in any high school texts I've looked at. Typically you wouldn't see anything like that until an intro finance course, at least one that requires college algebra. I couldn't think of any other formula that would be used for the question you asked about either.


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