I have a US History project that's due...

I have to make a map of North America in 1756 with:
-20 major European settlements
-French, Spanish, English colonizations
-Native American Tribes
-20 major geographical features

And, I'm in really big trouble.

I've never been great in history, so what the assignment is asking is making me very, very confused.

How would I show French, Spain, and English colonizations? Does that mean what parts of the US did those particular immigrant groups lived in?

And, what do they mean by major European settlements?

Could someone PLEASE explain this to me. I'm so confused and I don't know what to do...

Thanks so much...


In 1756, North America was made up of English colonies on the East Coast of what is now the U.S., French settlements further north and west, and Spanish settlements to the south and west. However, most of North America at that time was inhabited by Native Americans.

Major European settlements were cities or large towns where Europeans lived -- like Quebec, St. Augustine, Philadelphia, New York, etc.

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