As I read it, the question provides you with a word description of the production of diesel fuel, gasoline, lighter gases such as ethane and propane, as well as some of the refinery operations such as cracking. Your job is to take this word description and write an equation for each of the reactions involved and write a short sentence or two that describes how the refinery uses the particular process for its business. We can't write this for you. I am sure you have some guidelines that were provided at the time the question was assigned. We shall be happy to critique your thinking and your work on this.

I need help with this, I have to
- Find out The chemical reaction of disel fuel
- Determine the role each reaction plays for the disel company .
using the following information.

How is diesel fuel made?
Crude oil that is pumped out of the ground is composed of thousands of different hydrocarbon compounds - compounds composed of carbon and hydrocarbon. The carbon atoms link together in chains of different lengths, shapes and sizes. Each individual chain length or molecular size has different properties including progressively higher boiling points, so they can be separated by boiling point or distillation.
Distillation is the first major process at an oil refinery. As the crude oil is heated, different hydrocarbon compounds are separated by their boiling temperatures. The lightest components such as ethane and propane come off the top of the distillation tower. The next components, called naphtha, are used for making gasoline.
The next heavier portion of crude oil coming from the distillation tower is used to make diesel fuel. Diesel fuel contains larger hydrocarbon molecules, with more carbon atoms than gasoline. Simple distillation does not produce enough gasoline and diesel fuel, so heavier fractions of crude oil are broken into smaller compounds by thermal or catalytic cracking, or hydrocracking, to produce higher volumes of gasoline and diesel fuel. To lower the level of sulphur in the fuel, some of these fractions may be hydrotreated - a refinery process that reacts a fraction of crude oil with hydrogen at high temperature and pressure, in the presence of a catalyst, to improve colour and odour, and reduce sulphur content. Various component streams are blended to meet the required diesel fuel specifications.

I had all my other questiions correct but these.

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