8th Grade Algebra

These are extra credit questions, and I just want to know how to solve them.

1) The sum of two-digits of a two digit number is 14. If the number represented by reversing the digits is subtracted from the original number, the result is 18. What us the orinal number?

2) If 27 is added to a two-digit number, the result is a number with the same digits, but in reverse order. The sum of the digts is 11. What is the original number?

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asked by Jenny
  1. 1)Let the two digits be A and B, with A being the first digit.
    A + B = 14
    10A + B - (10B + A) = 18
    9A -9B = 18
    A - B = 2
    2A = 16
    A = 8
    B = 6
    The first two-digit number is 86.

    2) Use a similar procedure for #2
    A + B = 11
    10A + B + 27 = 10 B + A
    9A -9B +27 = 0
    You finish it

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    posted by drwls
  2. if five times the successor of a number is added to an original number the sum is 83

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