i have two questions about cellular respiration that i cant get..:
1. why do you keep breating heavily for some time even after you have completed strenuous excercise? (i think this has to do with lactic acid fermentation???)
2. why do winemakers want to keep fermenting grapes in a sealed container?

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  1. in a 200 meter race muscular conractions are so vigorous that maximum aerobic respiration is unable to produce energy fast enough to meet the required demand.if the vigorous muscular contractions continue then extra energy has to be produced.the muscle cells carry out anaerobic respiration to produce extra energy.lactic acid is formed in the process.since there is insufficent oxygen to meet the demands of vigourous muscular contractions,the muscles are said to incur an oxygen debt.lactic acid concentrations build up slowly in the muscles,and may eventually become high enough to cause fatigue and muscular pains.the body then needs to rest and recover.during the period of rest,the breathing rate continues to be fast for some time.this is to provide sufficent oxygen to repay th oxygen debt.lactic acid is also removed from the muscles and transported to the the liver,some of the lactic acid is oxidised to produce energy.this energy is used to convert the remaining lactic acid into glucose.when the lactic acid is used up,the oxygen debt is repaid.glucose is then transported back to the muscles.the body is now ready for another race.
    hope dat answeres ur 1st question.bye

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    posted by semoon

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