Roberto has a collection of 10 pairs of gloves in his wardrobe. Before a business trip, he has to pack his luggage, and he selects 8 gloves, without looking at them. We assume that any set of 8 gloves is equally likely to be chosen. Find the probability that these 8 gloves do not include any matching pair of gloves, that is, that there are no two (left and right) gloves, coming from the same pair.

(Enter an exact answer or an answer accurate to at least 3 decimal places.)

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  1. probability of success for each choice:
    1st glove: 20/20
    2nd glove: 18/19
    3rd glove: 16/18
    8th glove: 4/13
    so multiply all of those together: 384/4199 ≈ 0.09145

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  2. The last one is 6/13

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  3. the answer is 0.09145

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