Yes, A rasin in the sun by Lorraine Hansberry

OK what is your question?
Are you looking for a theme?
do you have any questions that need to be answered, cuz I have a whole list of them for every act

First off thank you for helping me!
This the? What are some major themes shown up throughout the book?
This what I wrote so far
There are several themes that are shown through out the play such as, deferred dreams, importance of family, poverty, and racial discrimination. Before mama moves into the new house her dream was deferred because she was planning to buy house with her husband.

some themes:
The Value and Purpose of Dreams
The Need to Fight Racial Discrimination
The Importance of Family

sorry, I'm watching the OOTP trailers, so I'm kind of side-tracked

need anything else?
I've got loads more ideas if you need them

before I go any farther, are you doing, like, an essay or something, because then I'll know what to tell you that you need.
Did your teacher give you a specific essay question, or was it just "What are the major themes"

Wait, I've got moe themes:
importance of dreams(pretty much the same theme I typed at 4:40)
One major theme of the play is the importance of dreams; each member of the Younger family is driven by them. Mama longs to have her own home in a nice part of town, away from South Chicago; she does not want her grandchildren to grow up in a place where there are rats. Beneatha dreams of getting a good education, becoming a doctor, and marrying a nice man. Walter wants to have a successful business so that he can rise above the poverty he has always known.

IMPORTANT!!!! theme of PRIDE

I found that discrimination and family ties are classified as "minor themes", by the way. (courtesy of PinkMonkey)

sorry, I have to go somewhere....
I'll be back later this week
let me know when the paper is due I'll keep helping you
see you in a day or so:')

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asked by Ron

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