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Joachim always had a hard time falling asleep, and tonight was no different. He decided to try his usual tricks to help him fall asleep. First, he sat in bed and read for thirty minutes. Twenty minutes after he finished his milk, Joachim finally began to drift off.

The writer of this paragraph wants to add the sentence, “When that didn’t work, he heated up some milk in the kitchen.” Where is the best place for this sentence in the paragraph in order to keep a logical sequence of events?

(1 point)

after the fourth sentence

before the first sentence

after the second sentence

after the third sentence

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  1. Heres the whole thing if you're in Connexus/connections

    a. Maddie

    b. 1. Get out bread, cheese, and butter. 2. Butter a slice of bread. 3. Put cheese slices on top of the butter. 4. Put a slice of bread on the cheese.

    c. After the third sentence

    d. "Do not park bikes on the sidewalk," said the mayor.

    e. Descriptive and Slow-Paced

    f. After we finished planning, we took a break to rest.

    g. a piercing shriek

    h. Johnny sprawled out of the plush blue couch

    I. He burst into the room like a raging tornado.

    j. AABBA

    k. resolve the major conflict in

    l. Andie felt safe knowing that she and her best friend would always look after each other.

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  2. The First Question, when it's asking you who the narrator is. It's not Maddie. I'm pretty sure it's Jessica!

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