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Origins and Beliefs of Christianity Quick Check Answers

1. What did Jesus teach were the most important commandments? Select the two correct answers.
A) Love your neighbor as yourself.
C) Love God with all your heart and soul.

2. Use the drop-down menus to complete the sentences. (The big words are the answers)
Following the death and resurrection of Jesus, the APOSTLES wrote down and spread his teachings. One man, PAUL, traveled throughout much of the Roman empire, and attracted many new followers to Jesus's message. As more NON-JEWS adopted the idea of Jesus as the Messiah, Christianity became a religion distinct from Judaism.

3. Drag and drop the texts to complete the sentences. (The big words are the answers)
Christians believe in the CHRISTIAN BIBLE as their holy book. This book includes the New Testament and the Old Testament. The Old Testament is the HEBREW BIBLE. The New Testament includes the GOSPELS, or accounts of Jesus’s life and teachings written by his disciples. It also includes the EPISTLES, or collections of letters about matters of faith. The final book of the New Testament is the BOOK OF REVELATION.

4. Select the fundamental difference between Christianity and Judaism.
A) Christians believe in the Holy Trinity; Jews believe God is one being.

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