math (unit rate)

How do you find unit rates?

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asked by morgan
  1. ex.: you ate 8 hot dogs for 8 would divide:8 divided by 8 and you would get 1 so the answer is 1 dollar for 1 hot dog.

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    posted by laura
  2. SO it would have the same unit ofr measurement?

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    posted by Shannon
  3. unit rate is like say you ate 3 pancakes for 6 dollars. the unit rate is 2 dollars a pancake

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    posted by jj
  4. 15 chapters in 5 days

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    posted by dgdfg
  5. an orca swims 110km in 2h

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    posted by harjot
  6. What's $11.49 for 3 packages

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  7. 09262042561

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