geology(science) i still dont understand

how the earths four subsystems interact with one another. In your response, identify one type of resource from each subsystem on which people depend.

all i have so far is this....

the earths 4 subsytems are the following lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and finally the atmosphere. the lithospehere deals with all the earths land. the hyrdosphere deals with all the eaths water and ice. the biosphere deals with all the earths living things while the atomosphere deals withthe earths weather and air.

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  1. Lithosphere -- land for growing food crops
    Hydrosphere -- all life needs water
    Biosphere -- this includes human life as well as all other life
    Atmosphere -- where would we be without air?

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  2. but how can i say how they all interact with each other?

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  3. All life needs all of those subsystems. If we didn't have all four of them, there would be no life on earth.

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  4. In addition each of the four -spheres need the other three in order to exist.

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