Can you check this?:

I have to # the order in which they occured.

10-The Lewis and Clark expedition leaves St. Louis
8-Thomas Jefferson authorizes Robert Livingston to offer $10 million for New Orleans and West Florida.
5-Meriwether Lewis and William Clark returned from their expedition.
3-Jefferson persuades Congress to sponsor an expedition into the Louisiana Territory.
6-The Federalists support Aaron Burr in his bid to become governor of New York.
2-The Spainish refuse to allow American goods to move into or past New Orleans.
4-The senate gives its approval of the Louisiana Purchase.
1-Alexander Hamilton dies after engaging in a duel with Aaron Burr.
7-Jefferson confirms that Spain secretly transferred the Louisiana Territory to France.
9-Lieutenant Zebulon Pike travels through the upper Mississippi River valley and into present day Colorado.

i'm here, but it is gonna take me a while to check this

here's what i think:
and the rest I agree with, but I'm no expert.....btw, 1(Hamilton dies...), I don't remember learning about, so I'm not sure about that one and I can't find it in my social book

I have 2 questions:
1. Is your teacher also forcing you to do this stuff for review for state exams like mine is?
2. Do you happen to have the book called The American Nation as your school textbook?

Anyway, I think you did a good job, but I thought it went 8 then 10, b cuz wasn't the Louisiana Purchase thing in 1803 and the L and C expedition from 1804-1806?
~let me know

Yes the Lewis & Clark expedition was from 1804-1806. I have the text book called American History or U.S History. This is my homework that I have to do for chapter 9 section 1 & 2.

What's Up Brie! ;)

What's 8 10 & 5? Do you mean #1 is8 #2 is 10 & #3 is 5????????????????????????

And by the way: I canit find my work that you checked. I never wrote my answers on my paper just on this computer because I was'nt sure if my answers were correct. Can you help me find my work?

Where are you brie! <:'[

hey Mack!:'}

sorry, my mom made me get off the computer early last night because my brother had to type something about rocks for school.

first of all, yeah, I think the order goes
8 then 10 then 5

I'm gonna try to find your original answers from earlier pages. Do you remember how long ago you typed them, like was it recently, like this week or a while ago?

I hope you'll get this post before today because I don't know if I can go online tomorrow...

talk to ya soon

I looked up to page 16, Thurs. April 21 or 20something and I can't find your stuff

are u sure you typed your answers on Jiskha? and I just need to know if you remember how long ago you typed it and I'll find it in seconds...

are you there???????????????????

I'll start posting on the current page because it's too time-consuming to keep looking for what I post

I either typed it April, Thursday 36 or Friday 27.

Thursday the 36th???!!!:'}

arghhhhhhhhhh...I can't find it anywhere.

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asked by Mack

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