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English 10

Read the following passage from "Another Evening at the Club."

Directly he removed his hands her whole body was seized with an uncontrollable trembling. Frightened he would notice, she rose to her feet and walked with deliberate steps towards the large window. She leaned her forehead against the comforting cold surface and closed her eyes tightly for several seconds. When she opened them she noticed that the cafe lights strung between the trees on the opposite shore had been turned on and that there were men seated under them and a waiter moving among the tables. The dark shape of a boat momentarily blocked out the cafe scene; in the light from the hurricane lamp hanging from its bow she saw it cutting through several of those floating islands of Nile waterlilies that, rootless, are swept along with the current.

Suddenly, she became aware of his presence alongside her.

"Why don't you go and change quickly while I take the car out? It's hot and it would be nice to have supper at the club."

"As you like. Why not?"

By the time she had turned round from the window she was smiling.

After reading this sentence, the reader can most likely conclude that Samia follows her husband's advice because

A) she realizes her security depends on marriage to her husband.
B) she feels guilty that her maid has been punished by her husband.
C) she does not want to lose the jewelry and gifts from her husband.
D) she fears for her own safety now that she has angered her husband.

I think D is the best answer. Can anyone please confirm this? I would appreciate it.

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  1. I agree with you

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