A​ half-ton pick-up truck is named that way because the combined weight of the​ truck's passengers and the cargo it is carrying can weigh up to 1000 pounds. Jerry owns a construction company and is loading bags of concrete in his​ half-ton pick-up truck. If Jerry weighs 220 pounds and each bag of concrete weighs 60​ pounds, write an equation that can be used to determine how many bags Jerry can put in the truck to reach the 1000 pound capacity.

Now, solve the equation you wrote to determine how many bags Jerry can put in the truck to reach the 1000 pound capacity.
​x= ? bags

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  1. 60x + 220 = 1000
    solve for x to find number of bags
    Check your answer by multiplying your answer times 60 and then add 220 and that should equal1000.

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