Geometry Unit 7 Lesson 2 answers

Geometry Unit 7 Lesson 2 answers
The first part of this is the practice answers, the second part is the quick check answers.

Practice answers - 7 questions
1. Which piece of information is incorrectly placed in this table?
Answer - D. The bisector creates a right angle with the figure.

2. Part A-What is the value of x?
Answer - A. x=3
Part B-Find JM in the previous item.
Answer - B. JM=9

3. Part A-Find the value of y.
Answer - C. y=9
Part B-Find angle KHL in the previous item.
Answer - D. 54

4. Which explaintion is incorrect?
Answer - D. None of the explanations are incorrect.

5. Which of the following statements about the picture is true?
Answer - C. Point A is not on a bisector.

6. Which of the following statements about the picture are true?
Answers - A. Point A is on the bisector of TXR. and E. Point A is equidistant from points T and R.

7. Part A-Find the value of x.
Answer - B. x=5
7. Part B-What kind of triangle is TWZ i'm the previous item?
Answer - A. Isosceles

Quick Check - 5 Answers
1. Which ray is a bisector of ABC?
Answer - B. BD

2. What is GH?
Answer - C. 15

3. What is the value of y?
Answer - A. 2

4. What is DBE?
Answer - C. 40

5. If FBA=7x+6y, what is FBA?
Answer - C. 47

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  1. 100% Hope this helps!

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  2. Thank you so much this helped me a lot.

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