Biology Answers

Honors Biology Unit 8 Lesson 10 (Answers)
1. Which statement best describes a polygenic trait?
Answer - A polygenic trait is controlled by multiple genes and influenced by the environment.

2. IQ is determined by:
Answer - multiple genes and environmental factors

3. Which statement is true?
Answer - Mendelian traits cannot be shown on a bell curve.

4. Height in humans is a polygenic trait with a distribution similar to the graph shown. Which is true concerning the distribution of height in human populations?
Answer - Most individuals will be of average height.

5. Which statement is true about expressed traits of PKU and environmental factors?
Answer - Nerve and mental problems are a trait in PKU patients caused by the environmental factor of eating phenylalanine foods.

100% Hope this helps!

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  1. The condition phenylketonuria, or PKU, is caused by the toxic buildup of the amino acid phenylalanine, which is found in all proteins and even some artificial sweeteners. The build up in the blood affects nerve and brain development. PKU is caused by a mutation in a gene that affects the breakdown of phenylalanine. When foods that contain phenylalanine are removed from the diet, the effects of PKU are reduced.

    Which statement is true about expressed traits of PKU and environmental factors?

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  2. He is correct on the last one!

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