quiz name: step ladder
1. click the play button to listen to the audio samples.
how would you define the step between the notes in this clip?
a. half step
b. whole step
c. same pitch
d. leap across many steps

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  1. No audio.

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  2. PsyDAG I know I was kind of hoping for someone who has already took the test. (Not being rude sorry if I sound like that.) also if you're in Connexus and are behind I can help you catch up just ask a question and I'll answer also whoever leaves a comment in the next 5 hours ill like your post weather its right or not or even if your way of topic just post in the next 5 hours also be confident and live like you're the baddest person out their because if you do whats going to happen someone tells you your not? so. are you going to live your life off their insecurities or continue being the baddest human alive?😘💋

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  3. please help nooowwwww

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