Social Studies

Distributing Goods and Services Quick Check:

Why do workers mostly sell their labor?
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Why do workers mostly sell their labor?

Correct answer A.
to earn income

Incorrect answer B.
to grow their productivity

Incorrect answer C.
to become entrepreneurs

Incorrect answer D.
to avoid inflation

Which of these factors contribute to the income potential of a job? Select the two correct answers.

Correct answer A.
the education required to be successful at a job

Incorrect answer B.
the amount of income a person wants to make at a job

Correct answer C.
the special skills needed to do a job well

Incorrect answer D.
the enjoyment a person finds in a job

Which job would likely have the lowest income?

Correct answer A.
a job that many people are willing to do

Incorrect answer B.
a job that takes highly specialized skills

Incorrect answer C.
a job that requires a college diploma

Incorrect answer D.
a job that requires a lot of travel

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