Can someone please check my answers?

1. Skin cells -
become senescent quickly.
have terminally differentiated.
become quiescent quickly.
continually replicate. ***

2. Which cell type undergoes terminal differentiation?
stem cells
heart cells***
epithelial cells
hair cells

3. DNA replicates in the -
cell membrane.
endoplasmic reticulum.

4. Which of the following might affect gene expression in a complex organism?
the ability to reverse terminal differentiation
the types of cells near the site
the amount of time a cell takes to replicate DNA
the number of chromosomes being copied***

5. What replicates during mitosis?

I'm not too sure if my answers are correct.

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  1. 1. become senescent quickly
    2.heart cells
    4. the type of cells near the site
    5 cells

    inputs and outputs of mitosis quick check

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  2. alyssa is right tysm

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  3. Thank you so much alyssa!

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