Heat and Cellular Respiration Quick Check Answers:

1. Which option is an example of an automatic regulatory reaction?
A. Sweating**
B. Wearing a jacket
C. Burrowing underground
D. Taking in more calories

2. What is the correct order of events for cellular respiration?
A. glycolysis-krebs cycle-electron transport chain**
B. electron transport chain-glycolysis-krebs cycle
C. glycolysis-electron transport chain-krebs cycle
D. krebs cycle-glycolysis-electron transport chain

3. Cellular respiration uses one glucose molecule to produce a total of
A. 24 ATPs
B. 2 ATPs
C. 28 ATPs
D. 36 ATPS**

4. The electron transport chain takes place in?
A. the mitochondria**
B. ATP molecules
C. The cell membrane
D. The cytoplasm

5. Which animal will be able to control its body temperature the best?
A. Ectotherms
B. Animals with a low surface to volume ratio**
C. Amphibians
D. Animals with a high surface area to volume ratio

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have different answers. :>

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  1. is this right?

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  2. Hinata shoyo is right I made sure

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  3. @Hinata Shoyo Is correct it’s just the letter are different but the answer it self are right.

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  4. 100%

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