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Why did the colonists react to the Coercive Acts with boycotts and convening the First Continental COngresss?

in 1764, the British Parliament passed the Sugar Act. Many of the colonists were unwilling to pay tax which was imposed - this is what started everything. This was the domino effect of the Stamp Act, Boston Tea Party etc. When duties on glass, lead, paint etc were passed in 1767, the colonists again boycotted the English goods. The colonists' fury over taxition climaxed the Boston Tea Party. In retaliation of that, the Britsh Parliament passed the Coercive Acts (the "intolerable Acts") in 1774, which closed Boston Harbor and placed government of Massachuetts under direct British Control. The colonists responed by establishing the First Continental Congress. The reason they established this was because they (the colonists) were fed up with the British trying to tax everything and control them from 3000 miles away. This is the whole reason they started the Congress. During the first meeting, delgates from all 13 colonies were present. At the meeting, Congress passed a resolution requesting that the colonies send a petition to King George III expressing their grievances. Resolutions were also passed requireing that the colonies raise their own troops and boycott British Trade. The British government condemned the Congress's actions, treating them as open acts of rebellion. This was the beginning of the war with Britian and the Colonies. Hopefully this helps you out.

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