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According to Paine, what does the king in England


✔ A, B, D

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✔ Negative

Is the phrase “A pretty business indeed” meant to be straightforward or sarcastic?

✔ sarcastic

Why would colonists find the second sentence offensive? Check all of the boxes that apply.

✔ B, C

Continue analyzing this passage from Common Sense.

Paine contrasts two types of people in sentence three.

“Honest man” is another way of saying

✔ Ordinary Person

“Crowned ruffian” is another way of saying

✔ bully king

In the first passage, Paine is arguing why monarchies are a poor form of government. Describe why Paine believes that monarchies are bad, using evidence from the passage.

Write three to four sentences.

The king spends time making war and giving out land, which makes the country poor. The king makes a large salary and is head of the church while the country gets poorer. America would be better off with one ordinary, honest man than with a brutal king.


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