Social Studies 7 A

What steps did the Roman empire take to expand and support trade? Select the three correct answers.

built a vast network of paved roads *

raised taxes on ordinary citizens

sent its navy to clear the seas of pirates *

seized conquered peoples as enslaved workers

opened stadiums for mass public entertainment *

coined silver and gold currency

Those are my answers.
Are they correct?

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  1. I'd say F, C, & A

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  2. I need 😫

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  7. i got the whole test

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  11. Does anyone have the answers????

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  12. The answers are all in your textbook. Using other peoples answers, especially off the internet is not a smart move.

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  13. 1: What steps did the Roman empire take to expand and support trade? Select the three correct answers.

    A, built a vast network of paved roads
    C, sent its navy to clear the seas of pirates
    F, coined silver and gold currency

    2: The Pax Romana began around 30 BCE with the rise of
    as leader of Rome and ended around 180 CE with the death of Emperor

    1: Octavian 2: Marcus Aurelius

    3: Which phenomenon most directly led to Christianity separating from Judaism?

    D, conversion of many non-Jews

    4: How did Jesus’s teachings reach so many people in the early Roman empire?

    E, through the travels of his followers on Roman roads

    5: Showing compassion for the poor
    Drag and drop the items to match the holy writings of the Christian religion.

    6: Drag and drop the items to match the holy writings of the Christian religion.

    Gospels: parables, teaching of jesus
    Epistles: letters, many written by paul
    Revelation: last book, return of jesus

    7: What does this symbol represent in Christianity?

    C, The death and resurrection of Jesus

    8: Which best describes the role of the New Testament in Christianity?

    C, It is the part of the Christian scriptures that tells about the life of jesus

    9: What beliefs and practices do Judaism and Christianity share? Select the three correct answers.

    A, ethics and right behavior
    D, only one god
    F, the ten commandments

    10: How did geography help make Rome a site of encounter?

    B, the mediterranean sea helped it connect with civilzations in qurope, asia, and africa

    11: What were gladiator games?

    D, trained slaves and criminals fought in mock battles against one another or animals

    12: Which fact most clearly shows the difficulty in defending the Roman empire against invasion?

    B, at its height, the empire comprised nearly 1.7 million square miles of land and water

    13: Drag and drop events to list them in order from first (top) to last (bottom).

    Imperial Crisis leads to civil war
    Huns attack the empire and drive german peoples ahead of them
    Roman forces withdraw from britain as goths attack rome
    Odoacer topples romulus augustus

    14: For Rome, which was the most serious consequence of the invasion of the Huns?

    B, the huns attacked the germanic tribs, who became refugees

    15: Drag and drop people and elements of government and culture to match each empire. Choices may be used once or more than once.

    Roman Empire: Augustus, dependent on trade
    Byzantine Empire: Justinian, dependent on trade

    16: How does the work of Eastern Orthodox missionaries Cyril and Methodius show the influence of Byzantine culture on early Russia?

    C, russians adopted the cyrillic alphabet

    17: Which of the following was a major factor in the decline of the Byzantine empire?

    C, arrival of invaders

    18: Drag and drop words and phrases to complete the sentences.

    1, legal
    2, twelve tables
    3, emperor
    4, justinains code

    19: Select the boxes to classify the beliefs and practices.

    EOC: emperor as the head of the church
    Both: holy bible
    Both: jesus as savior
    RCC: pope as head of the church

    20:Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence.

    The Great Schism resulted most directly from the: Byzantine rejection of the pope

    I can't help with 21 and 22 sorry!

    I hoped this helped tho <333

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  14. ScaredOfBeansSpaceBoy? Is correct tysm!

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  18. Need the essay answers, its not hard to summarize them. If you can provide the others, you can provide these. Theres is nothing stopping you, so stop saying, "Sorry, cant help with these!"

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