language arts

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Conclusions Quick Check
1) Which of the following describes one of the tasks of a good conclusion?
** summing up the passage

2) Which of the following statements describes a good conclusion?
** a good conclusion refers to the major themes of the piece

3) A friend asks Samantha to help write a conclusion for her essay. What should Samantha do first?
** read the essay and find the theme

4) The teacher asks Ana to revise her conclusion because it states a new fact instead of summing up her essay. Ana really wants to include the fact. What can she do?
** Add the fact to a body paragraph, then update the conclusion if needed

5) Anike wrote an article on how to make lentil soup. Which of the following would make the best conclusion to the article?
** Enjoy your soup hot with some bread, or freeze it and save it for a cold day

6) Which sentence would provide the best conclusion to a student essay about a class hike?
** Even though things did not go according to plan, we learned a lot about nature and had a good time.

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