Use the sentence to answer the question.

Some animals are omnivores, which means that their food comes from plant and animal sources.

Which word from the sentence is an example of domain-specific language?

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just saying... I would really appreciate help. :D

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  1. Right.

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  2. yeah, I just looked at a comment on another post, and they had the same question. Seems that omnivores is the right answer.

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  3. I just took it and got a 100
    1. Bamboo
    2. Omnivores
    3. Awesome
    4. The wheel cylinders
    5. A postcard to a friend
    Hope this helped🖤🕷

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  4. Squibward is correct! I just took the quick check on connexus. THANKS SQUIBWARD!! Pls just trust them. I made a 100%. This is for connexus 2021.

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  5. Correct

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