1. What is pressure in relation to a gas?A. the force the gas is exerting on its container
B. the amount of particles bumping into each other
c.the force an object exerts on a gas

2.When refering to a gas, the higher the temperature, the faster the particles move


3.Volume refers to
A. the size of the gas
B.the amount of liquid that fits inside a container
C.the size of the container

4.If pressure of a gas goes up, the volume has to go down
true or false

5. What makes a compound an acid?
It dissolves into Hydrogen ions in water (H+ and H3O+)
It has a pH higher than 7
It dissolves into Hydroxide ions in water (OH-)
It cannot be mixed with oil

6.What makes a compound a base?
It has a pH lower than 7
It dissolves into Hydrogen ions in water (H+ or H3O+)
It dissolves into Hydroxide ions in water (OH-)
It cannot be mixed with oil

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  1. I gave you the answer to some of these last week. Thank you for numbering your questions. It would be worth while to letter answer choices also. Are you looking for someone to do your work for you. Do you have NO idea how to answer any of these? What kind of notes or text do you have to help. Did you know you can Google all of these and PROBABLY GET AN ANSWER. I can HELP but I don't want to do all of your work. You don't learn that way.

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  2. Actually i have tried several times looked at the videos too and put the answer in but each time it keeps giving me 60 points out of 100 before i posted the ones here and the other ones i did it several times by myself and i'm only getting 4 wrong i know that much but i keep getting 60 and i need to unlock my test but i can't if i don't get a 70 and i thank you for your help to.

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  3. your response is just so funny bruh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿƒ if you know, you know lol

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  4. you got this i didnโ€™t get my expectations but now that iโ€™m ๐Ÿƒ i got 70% use socratic and it highlight key words to learn and you find the answer. you got this !!

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  5. yea i have tried that website but it ain't getting me no where and my test is overdue now

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