Standard English unit test

I need help with this test it has 13 questions here

(1)Which pronouns correctly complete the sentences? drag and drop the words into the correct locations (1 point)
Stacy and _ are going to the gym. Since the class starts at one_ are taking the afternoon bus

(2)Which intensive Pronoun correctly completes the sentence select the correct answer from the list

The actors _wanted to present the word to the Director

(3)Which easily confuse word correctly feels in the blank select the correct answer from the list
I _she _it down on the table over there

(4)Drag each item into the correct location

(5)Which sentences correctly please, select the two correct answers

Because, we forgot our gloves we couldn’t build, the snow fort outside.

My sister a trained bus driver, volunteered to drive us to the store.

During the dig, the construction workers made sure to wear their safety gear.

After, the lights were turned down the movie began.

I chose to adopt a Labrador puppy, my favorite type, from the shelter,

(6)Determine whether the giving word is a preferred subject or root word

(7)Use a sentence to answer the question
The yellow house with peach trim was very distinct It stood out from all the other houses in the neighborhood
WHAT is the meaning of distinct as it is used in the sentences

Carefully chosen
Noticeably different
Decreasing in importance
Extending in one direction

(8)George said you need to take out the garbage before dinner but Grandma said you could wait until you finish your dinner

What type of pronouns are used in the sentence

Intensive pronouns
Third person
First person
Second person

(9)When she remove the jacket and looked at the lining it had a large hole
What correction makes it clear with the antecedent is for it

When she removed the jacket and looked at the lining one had a large hole

When she removed the Jacket and look at the lining she discovered that it had a large hole

When she removed the jacket and looked at the lining the lining had a Large hole

When she removed the jacket and looked at the lining it’s surface had a large hole

(10)Determine whether each sentence has a double negative an incorrect intensive pronoun or slang

She could hardly fit the book in her purse
We didn’t tell nobody about the broken window
The manager himself took the mop and clean up the mess
The museum park was cool!
Before I studied the test was no sweat

(11)Complete each analogy drag and drop the words into the correct locations

(12) Determine if the italicized word in each sentence has a positive neutral or negative connotation

The battery in her watch will work continuously for years
He wants to pursue a career in aeronautics.
The sound coming from the leaf blower was Monotonous
The mail carrier waived jovial hello when she recognized us

(13)Today I learned some sick stuff about volcanoes the hot dangerous stuff comes outta The top where it sometimes goes all the rain stuff can be sticky or runny these things cause lotsa damage but they can help out somtimes too.

Release wise the sentence so that they could use in a report for this course be sure to remove any informal language or Jargon we’re appropriate

Some things are misspelled since I had to type this .!

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  1. If you let us know what YOU think, someone here can check your work.

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  2. plz what r the answer???

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  6. what is itttttttttttttttt

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  7. did u guys get the language arts test

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