I swear these are the right answers. This is for the Relationships Between Words Quick Check these are the answers:
Which question helps you understand a cause and effect relationship between words?
What happened?****
Whose is it?
How important is it?
Where did it happen?

Which words or phrases indicate a cause-and-effect relationship? Select the two correct answers.
response - correct
is to
is a

Which word describes a change or event that has happened because of another change or event?

What do words and language in an informational text tell you?
what category something falls into
what a cause is
how ideas connect****
how to synthesize information

Use the sentence to answer the question.

We locked our keys in the car. Consequently, we were late for the baseball game.

Which word or phrase shows a cause- and- effect relationship?
were late
in the car

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  1. Ty you are 100% correct!

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  2. Ty

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  3. Thanks this helped a lot o((>ω< ))o

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  4. What is the answers

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  5. thank youuuu:)))

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  6. also, Anonymous- the answers ar with the little stars that look like "*"
    so yeah

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  7. 1. what happen?
    2. So, thus
    3. effect
    4. how idea connect
    5. consequently.
    these are the answer if you don't get it. Hope it works :)

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  8. thx

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  9. thank you!

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  10. 100%

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