Is the the we'll a Snynonym or a homomym?

Please rephrase and proofread. Your question is not clear.



A synonym is a word that means the same thing as another word.
ex. lawyer, attorney

A homonym is a word which sounds the same another word, but means something different.
ex. bear (the animal), bear (to endure)

Are you referring to "we'll" and "well"? That pair is neither synonyms nor homonyms. They don't mean anything similar, nor are they pronounced alike. They are simply a difficult pair to keep straight.

Remember that "we'll" means "we will" -- and "well" can be either an adverb or a noun, depending on the use in a sentence.

I hope this is what you were after.


1. We don't eat cherries because we don't like______.
a. it b. them

2. Massimo lost his book. Have you seen________?
a. it b. them

3. Be sure to wash the apples before you eat__________.
a. it b. them

4. The mother took her children to the park. She watched_______play for an hour.
a. it b. them

5. Regina watches the program every week. She never misses_______.
a. it b. them

Sara, the way it works is this: You let us know what YOU think the answer to each one is, and we'll give you feedback.

Also -- new questions/sets of questions need to be posted in the NEW QUESTION form, not as a response to another person's question.



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asked by Ashlee

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